Thursday, October 19, 2017

Latest Releases - Free Printables for Teachers

Free Educational Materials for K-12 Teachers and Students of All SubjectsCheck out some of our latest releases:

Pocahontas Bellwork Puzzle Worksheet - Students are asked to unscramble terms in order to complete six statements about the life of Pocahontas (circa 1596-1617). Then, students search for eight names in a word search puzzle. For grades four and up.

Powhatan Letter to John Smith DBQ Worksheet - Free printable DBQ worksheet on a letter written circa 1609; designed for high school United States History students.

Iran Political Map Worksheet - This stand-alone worksheet features a map of Iran followed by six multiple-choice questions. Our map worksheet on Iran is designed for students from upper elementary through high school.

Thirty Days Hath September Printable - Students are asked to read, trace, and write this famous mnemonic device rhyme. Available in print or cursive.

Japan: Meiji Restoration, Japanese Imperialism, and the Build-Up to World War II in Asia PowerPoint - Designed for high school World History. Includes review questions.

Nationalism Causes and Effects DIY Blank Chart Worksheet - For this DIY infographic worksheet, students are asked to list the short- and long-term causes and effects of the development of nationalism worldwide.

Abbreviations Handout - Here is a handy list of some common (and a few uncommon) abbreviations used in written English, as well as (where appropriate) the Latin translation.

Revolution and Nationalism in Mexico Printable Pop Quiz - This test features fifteen multiple-choice questions, to be printed on one double-sided sheet of paper.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Paraguay on the Globe Coloring Sheet

"The boy is pointing to Paraguay, a country on the continent of South America." Students read the sentence, then read, trace, and write "Paraguay." Click here to print.

Monday, May 1, 2017

International Workers' Day Word Search Puzzle

WORD SEARCH PUZZLE: Find and circle each term related to International Workers’ Day (May Day, celebrated annually on May 1) in the puzzle.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Utah Fact Sheet Notebooking Page

Here is a fun worksheet for having students research the state of Utah. Not only must students gather the information, but they must cite their sources. Topics include capital city, population, governor, number of electoral votes, agricultural products, industries, geographical features, tourist attractions, and historical information. Free to print (PDF file) here.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Identify the Six Simple Machines - Worksheet for Kids

Students are asked to identify the six simple machines: (1) inclined plane, (2) lever, (3) pulley, (4) screw, (5) wedge, and (6) wheel and axle. The images on this identification worksheet have a more basic engineering look than commonly used photographs. This simplicity helps students to understand the six simple machines in their most basic form, and to be able to better recognize them in everyday applications. Free to print (PDF file).

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ancient China Outlines and PowerPoints

Here are some free outlines and PowerPoints (with guided student notes) on ancient Chinese history, designed for high school World History students. Enjoy!

Han Dynasty of China History PowerPoint

Han Dynasty of China History Outline

Chinese Dynasties Brief History Outline

Chinese Dynasties History PowerPoint

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Getting First Graders Ready for School

Here are some fun worksheets to help first graders get back into the school groove. They are free to print.